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I’m a founding member of TFA and it’s been an awesome ride so far and we’ve only really just begun! I’ve played at a few fields, mostly in New York and California. I tend to prefer a more MOUT styled field over an indoor kill house due to outdoor fields offering a larger area that usually affords a more immersive experience (in my opinion, of course). For me, it’s about fun and the thrill of the game and I try not to deviate from that train of thought.

Started Playing Airsoft: 2005

Joined TFA: 2007

Callsign: Ox

First Airsoft Gun: MAC-11 Springer

First AEG: JG M4A1

Favorite Camo Pattern: M81 Woodland

Favorite Event: Blood Diamond II at Zulu24 in New Windsor, NY (October 2017)