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In the beginning, I would plink around the house and backyard at targets with springers. I attended my first airsoft game at Cousins in New Windsor in 2005 or 2006 (this site is now Zulu24). My real airsoft career started in 2007 when I met my best friend Rich and attended an open play Sunday at the Cousins field in Coram. I was hooked from then on. I prefer a standard loadout of about 7 rifle midcap mags and about 3 sidearm mags. I usually prefer a chest rig and battle belt setup. My favorite kit is my TAG Marine Gladiator rig but I’ve also had good results with my Eagle Industries minimalist chest rig. My play style is of a more support style rifleman. I like to suppress and move cover to cover when advancing on a target.

Started Playing Airsoft: 2005

Joined TFA: 2007

Callsign: D’Lo

First Airsoft Gun: Walther P99 Springer

First AEG: G&G MP5 SD5

Favorite Camo PatternM81

Favorite Event: Blood Diamond II at Zulu24 in New Windsor, NY (October 2017)