About Us

Getting Started

2007 – 2012

Task Force Anvil (TFA) was created by a group of four friends in 2007. Rich, Matt, Sam, and Bennett played frequently at Cousins Airsoft (Coram) and StrikeForce Sports in Deer Park. In 2010, John, AJ, Joe, and Brian joined TFA, making 8 members.

tfa old
circa 2007

On & Off


Cousins Airsoft (Coram) closed at the end of 2012. The team sporadically played at High Velocity Paintball, StrikeForce, and Cousins Airsoft (Calverton Version 1) from 2012 to 2015. However, because these fields primarily catered to CQB, the team didn’t play often.

New Beginnings

2016 – Present

Cousins Airsoft (Calverton v1) closed at the end of 2015, moving just down the road to a new location – Cousins Airsoft (Calverton Version 2) – at the beginning of 2016. The field has made several improvements since then, adding various structures on the field and building a staging area specifically for airsoft players. In addition, the members of TFA have been working with Cousins staff to improve the depth and variety of game modes offered.

Alex and Travis both joined in 2017, bringing the total number of patched TFA members up to 10.

task force anvil long island milsim
Early 2017