Full 2018 Event List

(Updated Periodically)

Our Philosophy

Airsoft is a game of honor and integrity. We don’t go to events to “win” – we go to events to enjoy each other’s company and make new friends with airsofters from other communities. Shooting enemies, capturing objectives, and completing missions is always secondary to having fun.

Events We Attend

TFA travels as a team to events on the East Coast and in the Midwest. We enjoy participating in national, regional, and local area “OPs” as well as expos and B/S/T flea markets. Unfortunately, life prevents us from participating in all the events that we’d like to, but we still get out on a semi-regular basis. Please visit our Upcoming Events page for 2018 events that we plan on attending as a team. You can also visit our Past Events page for pictures and AARs from previous games.

Events We Host

The members of TFA aspire to host a milsim event of our own in the near future. Having played in countless airsoft events over the years, we believe we have the knowledge and experience to plan an execute an enjoyable event. Currently, we are working with Cousins Airsoft to make hosting our own event a reality. Keep an eye out for Operation: Open House  and Black Flag in 2018.