Operation: Open House is a one day military simulation event taking place at Cousins Airsoft in Calverton, NY.


The event will consist of one (1), five (5) hour rotation

Standard milsim rules and restrictions apply (“strict” camo requirements, semi-auto only for rifleman, medic rules, multiple objectives, etc.)

There will be three teams in play:

Capture 1

Capture 2Capture 3

Game Mechanics

Premise of the game is that teams complete objectives throughout the day to earn points to be tallied at ENDEX to determine a “winner”

Primary Objective

  • both teams will collect supplies and resources from around the field and transport them to their assigned supply bases
  • collected supplies can be used to purchase additional aid – a juggernaut, air strike, civilian assistance…

Secondary Objectives

  • territory (compressor station) control
  • bombing missions


The small island nation of Cuzlandia is currently embroiled in civil war. The northern portion of the island is rich with oil and natural gas, while the south is home to most of the processing plants and export terminals.

Over the past decade, with the proliferation of hydraulic fracturing, the southern processing plants have been making billions of dollars in profits, with little money being reinvested in the northern producing regions. As a result, the wealth gap between the north and south has grown vastly out of proportion.

Tensions reached a boiling point 6 months ago when the predominantly blue-collar north held an independence referendum in which 92% of voters supported secession from Cuzlandia and the establishment of a new republic – Edwardsburg.

The south, fearing a drop in their standard of living without crude or gas flows from the north, have deployed federal forces to take back oil and gas fields and pipelines, while simultaneously trying to topple the newly established government in the north.

On July 28th, 2018 a supply plane carrying refining equipment for the north crashed in Calverton, a borderland between the north and south.

On July 29th, 2018 both governments deployed platoon-sized elements into Calverton to secure any supplies that may have survived the crash. The north needs these supplies to begin construction of their own refineries so that they can sell their commodities and raise money for their secession efforts; the south needs to prevent this from happening at all costs.

Reports of a small civilian militia have also surfaced – their capabilities and allegiance remain unknown…