Operation: Frost Fall

Cousins Airsoft | December 23rd, 2017

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AAR | Operation: Frost Fall | Rebels

Miserable weather – about 37° with moderate to heavy rain throughout the day. Several gun failures and a lot of damp gear. Small turnout because of the weather, but we still managed to shoot plenty of Army grunts and have an enjoyable time.

Operation: Blood Diamond II

Zulu24 | October 15th, 2017
Task Force Anvil Long Island Airsoft Milsim Group
Travis | Brian | Rich | Sam | John

AAR | Operation: Blood Diamond II | Sandline International

First time playing at this field – about 2 hours north of Long Island in the Hudson River Valley. Approximately 14 acres of woods with a sizeable CQB village. We’ll definitely be back for future events. Two of our friends from Long Island – Chris & Joe – joined us on the trip.

Operation: Jawbreaker

Cousins Airsoft | June 25th, 2017

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AAR | Operation: Jawbreaker | Army

We were asked to wear bright blue shemaghs for the entirety of the event because several individuals showed up with camo (wanting to play Rebel), or solid colors (wanting to play Army). John and Alex split the 30 person team into two squads and dominated the event with the help of other TFA members.

Operation: Crimson Skies V

Cousins Airsoft | February 26th, 2017
crimson skies 5 cousins airsoft
John | AJ | Matt | Rich

AAR | Operation: Crimson Skies V | Rebels

This was a giant game of “attack the castle.” The Rebels kept the Army pinned in the castle the entire day. Many people walked off early, getting tired of shooting the enemy as the came out of their spawn.